Talking vs Thinking Things Out

Talking will always simultaneously be my virtue and weakness. I like to explain things. I like the feeling of sharing what I have to people. Yet I detest talking, to some extent.

I hate small talks. I hate to laugh along people’s chit chat. I just can’t be bothered to fake things.

Just now, I talked to my Mom about what I have in mind. Contrary to my expectation of feeling relieved, I got so many negative feelings instead: confused (as to why people couldn’t seem to understand my mind), agitated (again, why people found my mind as confusing), and I was even guilt-tripped (for ‘unexpectedly’ being ‘unusual’).

I guess talking things out isn’t just my style.

Thinking: the talking of the soul with itself



Yay for Passion

I believe in passion far more than what people called love.

What is love anyway?

It’s a mere chemical reaction in your brain.

But, what is passion?
When you like something for life.

Me, an intellectual: Which one lasts longer?

Happy Meal

Truth be told, I’m no skinny girl. In fact, I have pear-shaped body that makes me still looks as big as ever even though I have lost some weight. But what’s been bugging me for the past week was the fact that my co-worker suddenly cried during a lunch break. She told me that she ordered this diet package (low carb, less salt, high fat) because she thought her current weight is unacceptable. Yet, she was bored and stressed out as she couldn’t eat what she likes. Her mood was uncontrollable (the combination of strict diet + massive work load + thesis wouldn’t end well, I assume). She was devastated as she ate her lunch beside me.

This issue had been around since I was in middle school. Funnily enough, Mam and my older sister never think this is a big deal (I guess I’m lucky to be born around people who see you past your physical appearance–unfortunately that’s not the case with my dad). It was always my cousins, my aunts, and/or my friends who think a lot about their appearance. It didn’t influence me, per se, but rather I think it’s a pity to be chained on this irrational norm that tells girls to ‘be slim to be pretty’.

When people tell me to lose weight, I always always retort back: “What is the benefit of me losing weight to you?” And if they answer it’s for my own good then I can just brush it off. Like, no shit, what do you know about my body constitution. Also, to be fair, 99% of people who had told me this, would answer that kind of response.

So I told my co-worker that you don’t need diet to be happy.

Me: “Are you gonna be happy if you lost some weight?”

Co-worker: “…. I don’t know. I mean I don’t feel good right now. My body is stiff and I can feel my health is slowly deteriorating. Now I could catch a cold just because I go home late.”

Me: “Then do exercise.”

CW: “I don’t really have time for that with my current crazy schedule.”

Me: “Hmm. True. But you could always do some repetitions of crunches and push-ups and maybe stretch in the morning.”

CW: “Does it count as exercising?”

I dunno. God, I honestly don’t know. I’m no physician or nutrician or PT. I don’t know if it’s gonna work on her or not.

But by the end of the lunch break, I can summarize some points in my mind:

  1. You can never be healthy with only diet
  2. As human are, not all diet created equal, therefore what works for someone doesn’t mean will work for you.
  3. Light exercise everyday helps a lot. It helps yout muscle to be ready for a harder exercise twice a week.
  4. Eat normal meal with menus you want 3 times a day. Just try not to have snack. But if you really want to have one, go take it. Make sure it’s not a high sugar snack because it would undo all your hard work in exercise.

I hope girls can think wisely for their bodies. Please be healthy and most importantly, be happy.

Picture source is from my Instagram account

Don’t fool April


This is basically just a dumpster if I might call it. Without any special content whatsoever, I just need some space to talk (to myself) about things I like (mostly) and things I don’t like (hopefully not as much as previous one).

I’m Kay (that’s just my initial tbh) and I like arts, illustrations, children’s books (books with LOTS of illustration make me feel blessed).

This is not April Fool joke. Actually, I’ve been thinking of starting a blog quite a long time ago but I think to start it at the beginning of April would be a nice thing since it’s spring time, there’s a lot of fruits available in my local market, the wind isn’t as cold as before, and Japanese kids’ are currently starting their first day of school year (I’m not Japanese).

I’m planning to post more about books (with illustration one, not the BOOK one) and arts (if possible), the rest would be rants and thoughts, though.


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