Don’t fool April


This is basically just a dumpster if I might call it. Without any special content whatsoever, I just need some space to talk (to myself) about things I like (mostly) and things I don’t like (hopefully not as much as previous one).

I’m Kay (that’s just my initial tbh) and I like arts, illustrations, children’s books (books with LOTS of illustration make me feel blessed).

This is not April Fool joke. Actually, I’ve been thinking of starting a blog quite a long time ago but I think to start it at the beginning of April would be a nice thing since it’s spring time, there’s a lot of fruits available in my local market, the wind isn’t as cold as before, and Japanese kids’ are currently starting their first day of school year (I’m not Japanese).

I’m planning to post more about books (with illustration one, not the BOOK one) and arts (if possible), the rest would be rants and thoughts, though.



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